Time to Create a New Marketing Business Model

In this crazy economy, things keep changing so quickly that it’s time to create a new approach to using media. I have become fascinated with the claims that traditional media is dead and stumbled upon Deloitte’s fifth edition ‘State of the Media Democracy‘ survey that provides some insights into the use of media by consumers. In their report, the findings were the following percentages of media viability:

  • Television – 83%
  • Magazines – 50%
  • Online – 47%
  • Newspapers – 44%
  • Radio – 32%
  • Billboards/outdoor advertising – 13%

The interesting finding in the research was that many people have a television on while online on their computers. I can imagine that the visual media provides more entertainment and information in an active way. However, I was surprised at the position of magazines. It seems niche magazines are continuing to pull readership. Online advertising is making its move up the ladder, overtaking newspapers, radio, and billboards in terms of its ability to reach a large audience.

There is a poignancy for me about radio. The competition of many station formats, iPods, MP3 players, smartphones and satellite service have all had an impact on the viability of reaching a large enough radio audience. Yet, I still love creating good radio commercials that entertain and develop brand personality.

Creating a new marketing strategy for media is a blend of old and new but more importantly, a focus on the visual, colorful media!


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