Do You Use Your Company’s Products?

Nicolette Lemmon, President/Founder

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Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

Recently, when reading Tuned In*, an interesting book about resonating your product and service with customers, there was an interesting question. It was, “When was the last time you bought your company’s product?”

For retail services or consumer product companies, sometimes the people making the decisions for new changes, new offers, and new products or services are not “tuned in.” Often, the top people making a lot of the decisions are not even using the products and services or may not be the demographic that the new change/product/service is meant to target.

Can people who do not use the products and services nor have the “customer experience” really make the best decisions?

Yes and no.

Yes, if the top management or board is able to take the recommendations of the management team and experts they hire. This is especially critical when older generations are making decisions for Gen Y-ers or Gen Y is making decisions for older Boomers. Having the research, good data, and open minds is better for decision making if the people deciding have not been regularly using your company’s products and services.

No, if the people making the decisions continue to look at the new changes/products and services from only their current personal situation. Even more importantly, if they have not been regularly using your company’s products and services, the decisions are not based on value to attract more consumers but based on personal perceptions and judgments.

The authors of Tuned In did remind me about the importance of being very dialed in to being sure that your organization does solve customer or member problems that brings value to your brand.

*The link to the Tuned In blog gives some background on the book, however, the blog has been retired. The book is available from bookstores and in most libraries.

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