Should Your Credit Union Create a Mobile Application?
Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

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Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

A few months ago, I discussed mobile banking and tips on creating a mobile version of your site , which is still important. Now with the growing popularity of the iPhone, it seems impossible not to include mobile applications when addressing the latest marketing trends.

Two credit unions, Texas Dow Employees Credit Union and Technology Credit Union, have launched iPhone applications and several more credit unions are in the process of getting their application approved.

While it’s great to see early adopters, it seems that credit unions still have a good amount of time before they need to be focused on mobile apps. When the technology comes out that will allow mobile applications to be downloaded regardless of the mobile device being used, that’s when it will be time to act.

If you feel prepared to take on the creation of a mobile application, here are a few things to consider:

  • Make sure the application will be useful. For example, the iPhone application created by Technology Credit Union, named Tech CU, easily allows members to locate branches and ATMs, log-in to mobile banking and view current promotions through a special iPhone-compatible area of their blog.
  • Have a well thought out design.
  • Be sure to test for bugs.
  • Consider partnering with someone to decrease the cost.
  • Be prepared for ongoing maintenance such as software updates and bug fixes.

It’s incredible to see the changes in technology and we all need to get on board as more uses become “standard” for mobile phones!

2 thoughts on “Should Your Credit Union Create a Mobile Application?

    • Thanks for the update Kelly! It will be interesting to see how many credit unions jump on board embracing the new technology.

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