Brands Live or Die – 3 Marketing Connections

When studying marketing in college, the description of marketing that has remained my foundation was: “The process of getting a person ready to buy your product or service.”

By virtue of building a relationship with someone to get them ready to buy, it is clear that a brand lives or dies according to the attention to this process of “marketing..” Here are three connections to make with consumers to build marketing success:

Connection 1 – A person must see, hear or experience something 7 times before they remember it. In all my marketing strategies, I have adhered to what I call the “Magic of 7.” You have to be in front of your prospects and existing customers/members on a regular basis (7 times) to remind them of the value of your brand, whether they are in the lobby, in the drive-through, reading their mail, reading their email, on your website, watching television or driving by a billboard. The key is to get the consumer seeing your branded message in as many mediums as possible to foster a connection.

Connection 2 – Diversity of your brand message in marketing means using all marketing mediums yet consistent in terms of visual graphics for easy recognition, copy points that support your competitive advantage and efficient in reaching your audiences.. As important, the brand message must be the same when seen in media, the mailbox, an inbox and online.

Connection 3 – Protecting the brand with the best minds and execution is critical in this chaotic, crowded marketplace. With businesses disappearing, brand names being erased, and the confusion in consumer minds about their next purchase of a major item, vehicle or home, the brand needs to be managed by the best brain power. To cut costs, organizations will use inexperienced people in the marketing role. However, putting something as important as your brand strategy in naive hands is like needing brain surgery and asking a nurse practitioner to do it to save money. While the nurse practitioner may know something of medicine, the ability to conduct brain surgery requires experience, advanced education and good judgment.

And, getting in front of customers/members to do that is getting harder. Today, the Internet has changed people’s habits, with access to information at their fingertips as well as how they manage their lives and money.

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