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To teach my daughter about money management and the meaning of a loan, my husband and I had her take out a loan to get her iPod Touch.

Here’s her take on what the loan meant to her…

One day I was inspired to get an iPod Touch so I went on the Internet and found how much an iPod would cost.

In my piggy banks I only came up with half the amount it cost. I decided to go to my parents and ask for a loan, and we made a deal that I would come up with the other half of the money that they lent to me by doing chores for six months which was until Christmas.

We made a chore sheet with a list of the names of the chores and places next to them to check them off. There were sections for ‘Daily Chores’ and ‘Weekly Chores.’ The ‘Daily Chores’ were for chores I had to do that day and the ‘Weekly Chores’ were usually only one or two chores, but I had to do them over the week’s time such as clean my room or wash the car.

The loan was so I could get the iPod sooner than a year later when I had saved the money. Also, I was allowed to do other money earning activities beside my already ongoing chores, such as rake the yard or baby sit.  During the time of doing the chores, the best thing was I had my iPod with me because I had bought it with the loan.

There were limitations to the loan that I had to be responsible for like, if I got twenty dollars for my birthday, should I buy that cool new toy I saw at the mall yesterday or put that money into the loan? This may be tricky, but not impossible to answer. Once I put that money into the loan, I built trust with my parents.

So if you need money for something, a loan is one way to get it!  

What money management skills have you passed along to others?

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