In this Economy, Are You a Rebounder?

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Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

Rebound from the economyIn watching my daughter’s soccer team play, it reminds me of how much success or loss comes from the mental part of the game. As a striker gets an opportunity to take the kick at the goal, if the keeper thwarts it or the kick is slightly off or a defender throws out a kick to deflect the ball, that missed opportunity can tank the confidence of the striker.

Many coaches find their star players become so emotionally tied into the game that they have to be reminded to forgive and forget.  They must forgive themselves when there is a missed opportunity and forget about it to continue playing at a high level.

With some signs of climbing out of the deep recession, there have been so many casualties in brands, slowed responses to big promotional efforts, and heavy losses as consumers find they can’t repay loans and walk away. 

With every budget cut, every vacant job on staff, and every loss of a once healthy customer relationship, the mood of the team begins to dampen. Yet, marketing is the area of every organization that carries the torch of positive messages, connections with customers/members, and upbeat training of staff for new promotions.  For these reasons, it is important to think like the soccer player and be mentally tough.

As a way to build that mental muscle, the mantra of “forgive and forget about it” seems appropriate even in the marketing game.

If you continue to beat yourself up about mistakes, missteps and missed opportunities, it will wipe out your confidence. To get back your focus on the task at hand will help you also rebound and recover.

Are you a mentally tough marketer? Have you developed the ability to stay calm under pressure? Can you stay focused even when management is yanking your chain and recover from mistakes?

Keep your mind on staying in flow, that great place where you can maintain your intensity and confidence no matter the situation.

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