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Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

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Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

The Internet and the growing popularity of social media have changed the way people discover your personal brand. With a simple search on Google, your whole online footprint is on display. Due to this increased accessibility, it’s important that not only do you keep tabs on where you pop up online, but also that you leverage the Internet to catapult your career.

Here is an action plan to make your personal brand shine:

Step 1: Figure out what’s already out there about you. A good place to start is simply by Googling your name or visiting For future monitoring, keep track of where you pop up on the web with Google Alerts.

Step 2: Start developing your PR plan on the web.

  • Be active on social media – Use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to quickly get noticed and gather a following in your field.
  • Get recommended on LinkedIn – It’s an easy way to add credibility and value to your profile while also building your professional reputation.
  • Take things to the next level:
    • Buy a personal domain name – Even if you don’t want to put anything on it at first, at least your name will be protected.
    • Start your own blog – But be careful to separate your professional life from your personal one!

Step 3: Evaluate – Try free online personal branding assessment tools such as 360º Reach or Online ID Calculator offered by personal branding strategist, William Arruda. Consider doing the evaluations before and after to measure how far you’ve come!

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